Message from Alexander:

Hey guys,
By now some of you may have heard the news about Christoffer, Rebecca and Carl leaving the band.
It’s very unfortunate, however it was something we all felt had to be done because of our different visions for the band.
This happened quite a while ago, and since then we’ve filled their spots with new fantastic people that has been with us on our tour the past few weeks.
It has been lots of work for all of us, and our plan to announce it all together was apparently misunderstood when our old members posted their own press release yesterday.
While we wish our old bandmembers the best, we put our focus on our new line-up (To be announced) that will finnish the remainder of what has been an amazing tour so far.

We feel stronger than ever and we can’t wait to tell you guys about all nice things that are coming up soon.
A big thank you to all fans and supporters out there, we love you and look forward to seeing you out there!

Much love !
Alexander – Singer & Founder of Art Nation.