Angelwings – The end of innocence
Release: 23-06-2017
Label: Pride & Joy Music

Angelwings will release their debut album “The Edge Of Innocence” on June 23rd, 2017 on Pride & Joy music.
Angelwings were born in April 2013 out of a group of experienced musicians that had been in the local music scene for some time,
and who had played in different bands a wide variety of musical genres.
Initially, to gel together as a band it was decided to perform a number of covers from Finnish symphonic metal sensation Nightwish.
Soon it became clear to all that original music would have a very considerable element of orchestration. Thus, Angelwings became the first symphonic metal band from Gibraltar.
After numerous offers from record labels from around the world, Angelwings sign with Pride and Joy Music label (Germany). The contract came with an option of a follow-up album !

Check out their beautiful album front artwork. The cover was created by one of Germany’s finest metal art designers, Thomas Ewerhard.

Watch the video clip for the song “Lilith” here !

1. Wonderland
2. The Fallen
3. Nile Goddess
4. Game Of Life
5. Memories
6. Forbidden Love
7. Embracing Fantasy
8. Lilith
9. The Edge Of Innocence
10. The Legend And The Myth