Ana – Metal for charity project 
Release: 05-05-2017
Label: Independant

Support this amazing project please !!

Info:  This charity project founded by Marius Danielsen and Anniken Rasmussen, put together with an impressive all star lineup they will raise money for cancer research.All money raised from the “Ana” single will be donated to the Norwegian Cancer Society. They do a fantastic job by funding cancer research! I just received their logo which says “We support the Norwegian Cancer Society”. We have been allowed to use their logo on the artwork of this release!

From the Norwegian Cancer Society web site:
“Funding research is our main priority. Research implies hope for a cure for cancer in the future. It also implies optimal and quality cancer treatment for patients through excellent cancer research in Norway.
The album will hold another great all-star song (DIO’s “Holy Diver”) and seven more songs from bands who were happy to donate a song for this great cause.

You can buy this amazing album here:  Into the limelight records

Watch the video from the charity project “Holy Diver”  here !



01. Ana
02. Holy Diver
03. Domineer
04. Lost in a Dream
05. A Void to Avoid
06. Brand New Fire
07. Rebellion
08. Monster
09. Angus McFife

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