“Alcyona” was completely unknown to me. Thanks to google and his friends I soon learned that this band was founded in Belarus in 2010.
Last year they released two promising singles, “The Lost Valley” and “Enchantment”, which can also be found on this full album.
The latter is well on the way in just a few months to get the 10K viewers and that is reasons enough to listen to this album a little closer.
It is striking that everything is nicely dosed with respect to each other. No tearing guitar work that oppresses the rest or something, making the female (high) vocals nicely placed.

“Enchantment” shows this with a lot of atmosphere and nice musical arrangements.
“Dreamroad” tackles it a bit more dreamy and more magically.
The mystical intro of “The Kingdom of Might” is an extension of this. A keyboard driven melody, rejuvenating guitar and a pounding rhythm of bass/drum
so giving this mid tempo track multiple dimensions with the backing vocals.
Change of atmosphere then with “Sacred Fire”, which feels melodramatic, dejected and even a bit negative.
“Osceola” is a quiet vocal song that becomes slowly more upbeat. Progressive guitars in combination with the singer and the rhythm changes make this song very varied.
The slower pieces create a balladesk atmosphere that seamlessly changes tempo and power to rocking passion.
The memories that we hear in “Memories in the Vessel” are not exactly cheerful. A slow rhythm that is vocally assisted by a bombastic and sometimes complaining vocal singing style.
Atmospheric and qualitatively assisted by electric guitar violence, the song slowly passes by, gaining some power and tempo on different parts.
In the second part we even hear a cheerful keyboard sounds that suddenly triggers a Russian sensing rhythm yet the atmosphere is very subdued by only piano that leads us to the end of the song.
The complete contrast then with the more cheerful and up-tempo track “The Lost Valley”. Finger licking guitar violence combined with the great vocals. My absolute favourite here.
“Circle of Life” is also a track in the same style where the full capacity of all the melodic aspects of everyone are in the spotlight.
“The Kings of Show” is with its contagious rhythm a real melodic attack in my ears, and throws a wink at other greats in this style.
“My Spring” was announced differently on the back cover. It’is the final track and starts very quietly. I thought it was a bit of a shame to end the album in such a way,
but apparently the band also thought the same because the song goes crescendo into a great climax.

I always struggle a bit with classical (higher) voices, but this time I had little trouble hearing this nightingale. “Olga Terentyeva” shines on many levels here:
powerful, pure, high, low, she does it all very smoothly. Assisted by a host of strong musicians who also know how to keep their music fascinating from start to finish !!
I can only conclude that this album contains an very interesting combination of rhythm, styles and emotions that you rarely find on an album !
Unknown is unloved, they say sometimes, but with Alcyona that could change very rappidly when they keep making such great albums !!!!

For those who also don’t know the band yet listen to the amazing track “Enchantment” here !


01. Enchantment
02. Dreamroad
03. The Kingdom Of Might
04. Sacred Fire
05. Osceola
06. Memories In The Vessel
07. Сircle Of Life
08. The Lost Valley
09. The Kings Of Show
10. My Spring (Моя Весна)

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf.