Thanks to Art of melody music I had the chance to hear the Airbound album in advance !!
It is always pleasant to listen to records like this that shows the tallent of the many new bands coming from Italy !!
This is an album that listens very easily and offers very great AOR / melodic rock from amazing quality.
The master of the melodies Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti is in charge of helping the band to start their career , and what a start that is !!
The production of the album is just what this kind of music needs !! Excellent job !

The album kicks off with
“Have A Good Time” a killer AOR song and right away the band proves what they are capable of !! Overwhelming keyboards and amazing vocals.
“The Sun Tomorrow” is from the same high standards !! Tomás his voice reminds me a bit of Michelle Lupi (or is it just me who has that idea), this guy sure can sing !!
“Till The End” has a more modern aproach in the song. Amazing guitars and keyboards with a solid rhythm base makes it to a special but great song.
“You Live & You Learn” is more of a melodic rocker and again Tomás voice is simply amazing !! A song with great drumbreaks and killer guitars !!
those who don’t hear the perfection of performing here are not listening the right way or to the wrong music !!
“Do not Fade Away” is again perfect AOR where the trademark of Pierpaolo is clearly noticable !!
“Zhaneta” is……well you can guess it I think, simply stunning ! A semi ballad where piano guides the song ! And…..omg, the vocal perfection again !!
“Runaway” immediatly reminds me of classic Dokken. A song performed like the great bands did in the glory days of melodic rock !! Are we still 2017 ??
“Wasted World” starts out as song that doesn’t fit the rest but it takes only a few seconds and becomes a great song with fresh melodies !
Should I call this the minor song on the album ? No that’s maybe a brideg to far as they say but it takes a few listens for me.
With “She’s A Girl” the band proves immediatly the opposite ! A killer AOR song with great keyboards and a a tune that sticks in your head for the rest of the day !!
Did I already mention how amazing the vocals are on this album ? My choice as best song on the album !
“Seven Seas” is the last song with great keyboards , do I hear Toto in this song ? A slower song but an instant classic !

This is one hell of a debut album !!
I hope this album will rank very high in best of lists from 2017 (it sure will in mine) !
Mandatory purchase otherwisse you would be missing out on a great AOR / Melodic rock album. Killer songs performed by amazing musicians !!
I for one will enjoy listening to these songs again and again ! Songs that are performed with a high level of perfection.
There’s simply not one weak song on here !!  More like this I dare say !!!

For those who still haven’t heard this band listen to the song “Till the end” !!


01. Have A Good Time
02. The Sun Tomorrow
03. Till The End
04. You Live & You Learn
05. Don’t Fade Away
06. Zhaneta
07. Runaway
08. Wasted World
09. She’s A Girl
10. Seven Seas