Adellaide is a new and very promising melodic rock band from Brazil and with their debut record “Flying High” the band is ready to make some serious noise.
Adellaide released their debut Ep in 2016 and gained very positive review from both fans and press.
The cover of the new album is designed by artist Joey Polycarpo who has worked with many well-known names in the genre like the A.O.R. , Goran Edman, Chasing Violets and many others.

Their music is based on AOR / Melodic rock that is heavenly influenced by bands such as Journey, Survivor to name just a few, but with a more modern melodic rock approach.

The album immediately kicks off with ,
“Running” and you can hear that these guys mean serious business ! A killer opening track , true melodic rock with excellent keyboards and the stunning vocals of Daniel Vargas !
I just love the 80’s style vibe in this one !!
“Lion’s den” is another brilliant song with a light progressive touch in it , more of a semi ballad.
“Nights in Japan” with that typical japan keyboard sound throughout the song.
“Stone of truth” is again a classic AOR track.
“Blind Love” is an awesome ballad with a great melody !
“Heroes” is a beautiful track that has Journey written all over it !!  Listen to the chorus !!!
“Andrea” is just f….ing awesome AOR ! The song has everything I like in it , amazing keyboards with again that 80’s vibe , cristal clear guitar and amazing vocals !
The song sticks in my head for the rest of the day.
“Talisman” is also classic AOR , and maybe it’s just me but again I hear the Journey influence (which is a good thing) in this song
“Learn to live” a nice up tempo melodic rock song with a great guitar solo in it.
“Nothing will keep us apart” with a great chorus that you can easily sing along with when you listen to it.
“Caroline” is…..I think they kept the best song for last !!  Starts with acoustic guitar that transforms in a killer guitar intro !  Very well written track , my favorite for sure !

As you can asume from all the above written I realy enjoyed the debut of Adellaide ! It’s pure and classic AOR / Melodic rock at its best !
All tracks are well-performed and arranged with great melodies.   The production is excellent !
Watch here the video for “Learn to live” if you still doubt my words !!


1 Running
2 Lion’s Den
3 Nights in Japan
4 Stone of Truth
5 Blind Love
6 Heroes
7 Andrea
8 Talisman
9 Learn to Live
10 Nothing Will Keep Us Apart
11 Caroline

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