My name is Gino (I’m from Belgium) and I ‘m the founder of “rock-files-promo.be” , a new website to promote new bands , unsigned bands , non-euro distributed and lots more ! I’ve always been very passionate for rock music in general. A year ago I started my own personal website but I wanted it to be different from what you see all over the web ! This site is here for all of us , the fans , the bands……I choose to specialize in small independant releases or releases that are hardly (or not) distributed over here !
All albums posted here are in my private collection (or will be asap) !

When I started this website in september 2016 , I  had absolutely no idea then that website would be so succesfull , but my hard work is noticed all over the world by many so my motivation for going on is stronger than ever !   

                                     I present you now version 2.0 of my website !!

A new and improved look , fully updated with all social media gadgets , search bar , special events page and much more !  We worked very hard on the new design and hope with this to grow even more in the future. I ‘ll keep on promoting and supporting the music and bands I like !  I ‘ve made so many new friends this last year , bands I’ve never even heard of but all having the same passion as I have.
From countrys like Brazil,Mexico,Russia,…..and so much more !  A lot of the bands promoted here are bands that I now know personaly in one way or another…
I ‘ll keep on working very hard to bring to you the best music news and more. As I said , I’m not just another site posting standard releases in a row, I take the time to select the best and newest bands. All this is big time-consuming, alongside to write a proper review and prepare all the material. I still do this all by myself (promotion,reviews,interviews……………..) so if anyone with the same passion for music wishes to help out with things here feel free to send me e-mail !

Anyone who wishes can support me with donation through paypal or buying my t-shirt (see info below)


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